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We understand what an important and personal decision this is for your family. It is our goal to provide you with all the tools you need to make an informed decision that your family is comfortable with. Please click the links below to find more information on the topic of your choice. If you still have questions after reading through this section, please feel free to Contact Us.


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Our Simple Cremation of New Jersey Commitments to You and Your Family

  • Only highly trained, caring, and properly dressed staff will be sent to make the transfer of your loved one from his or her place of death.  Professionalism starts at the very beginning, whether or not your family is present during the transfer.   
  • Secure service vehicles will be kept in excellent condition.  The service vehicles we use to transfer your loved one from the place of death and transfer him or her to the crematory are perfectly maintained minivans fitted with unique platforms to ensure proper care and security.
  • We will provide a secure holding space.  It is our policy to treat your loved one with the utmost care. The decedent is kept in a locked area only accessible to select funeral home staff. 
  • We will require a positive identification to be made by your family prior to cremation. To give you complete peace of mind, it is our policy to require a positive identification by your family. This can be done via our secure online photo identification process or by signing an identification form during your loved one's transfer from his or her place of death. Once your loved one is positively identified, we will affix a non-removable identification bracelet.
  • Crematories are pre-screened and inspected by Simple Cremation of New Jersey.  We only use one crematory that we highly trust, Rosedale Crematory in Orange, NJ. Not only do we visit them on an almost daily basis, but we also thoroughly inspect their business policies, insurance, and staff yearly.  We make sure only the highest standards of treatment of human remains are upheld and their retorts (cremation chambers) are properly maintained.
  • A Licensed Funeral Director will bring your loved one to the crematory and witness the start of cremation.  This is a strict policy of Bradley & Son Funeral Homes. This step helps to ensure that the correct person is being cremated and it also safeguards the identity of the cremated remains your family will receive. Many funeral homes in New Jersey drop off the decedent at the crematory and leave the rest up to the crematory staff. We believe this does not fulfill the spirit of the services you are asking a funeral home to perform.